Czech orchestra plays for quake victims

Czech orchestra plays for quake victims
ID : N-690 Date : 2017/11/20 - 21:56

(Persia Digest) – These days, many bands and music groups have performed in support of the earthquake victims in Iran, including Shahram Nazeri, Kamkarha, and Hamed Homayun. The Czech folk music group who are presently visiting Iran will also perform in support of the Kermanshah earthquake victims.

The first group to donate its proceeds to the victims was the renowned Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri who performs with the traditional Persian music group Kamkarha. This will be followed by a concert staged by Hamed Homayun; and today, the Czech folk music group visiting Iran will stage a concert at the Niavaran Cultural Center in support of the earthquake survivors.

Today, the Ministry of the Interior Hall will host an audience who will come to hear the voice of Shahram Nazeri sing with the Kamkarha in Kurdish for the survivors in Kurdistan. This was the first group to perform in support of the Kurdish region of Iran that suffered the earthquake. The concert by Hamed Homayun will be on 8 December.

The Dulcimer group, conducted by Alesh Smutni, will hold a concert on 20 November at 20h00 at the Niavaran Cultural Center’s Persian Gulf Hall with the aim of supporting the survivors of the earthquake that hit western Iran.

The group members are Alesh Smutni (conductor and vocalist), Karl Hegner (singer and presenter), Miroslave Kolasia (second violinist), Radek Tillich (Alto), Ian Teleski (Cimbalo), and Powell Torkan (contrabass). The group was formed in 1999.

The Hamed Homayun concert on 8 December 2017 will take place at Terhan’s Milad Tower. Tickets have been on sale from 15 November.


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