EU gives green light to Zarif for the JCPOA

EU gives green light to Zarif for the JCPOA
ID : N-1778 Date : 2018/05/16 - 09:19

(Persia Digest) – Following intense discussions with the EU external affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, and the foreign ministers of the UK, Germany, and France, Iran’s top diplomat has assessed the talks as positive and reiterated that Europe is committed to the deal and has the political determination to maintain and provide the necessary guarantees.

Zarif added: “We expect the European parties to turn their political stance into action.”

e pointed to the start of an initial multi-level plan to guarantee the JCPOA, and added: “This is a move in the right direction and we hope it will come to fruition. We will work together over the next few weeks to make the guarantees happen.”

Zarif continued: “We have asked that Iran’s rights should be guaranteed and they have said that they will work towards this.”

Mogherini: “The EU has agreed to keep the Iran deal alive”

The EU external affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, announced: “On Wednesday, the European Commission will discuss the 1990s sanctions-blocking statute to protect EU companies from US penalties.”

Mogherini added: “The EU has agreed to start work on a multi-level stream of work designed to keep the Iran deal alive...We will keep it short.”


She also pointed out to the difficult situation, and said: “I cannot speak of legal and economic assurances, but I can say that Europe is serious and plans to take immediate action.”


She said the actions included:

  • The continued sale of Iran’s oil and gas products 
  • Effective banking transactions with Iran
  • Continued sea, land, air and rail transportation relations
  • New EU investments in Iran
  • financial banking, insurance and trade
  • A blocking mechanism aimed at nullifying US sanctions on EU firms

Recent developments indicate that following the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the EU is determined to keep the deal alive. Nevertheless, giving guarantees for Iran to benefit from the deal is a vital point that FM Zarif has said remains to be seen, and whether the political will expressed by the remaining parties can be put into action.


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