EU women politicians asked to keep the JCPOA

EU women politicians asked to keep the JCPOA
ID : N-1793 Date : 2018/05/19 - 11:23

(Persia Digest) – Four reformist women’s parties have written to women in the EU asking them for their cooperation in preserving the 2015 JCPOA Iran nuclear deal and its achievements.

The letter is addressed to Federica Mogherini, the EU external affairs chief, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, and Theresa May, UK Prime Minister.

It reads:

“There is fear of war in every corner of the present world at any time. Those most affected by this are women and children who are less able to defend themselves as realities have shown.

The role of women is unmistakable and indisputable due to their inherent characteristics in reducing this violence and conflict, women and mothers active on the political scene and in civil society who have always endeavored to prevent war and violence and who have always taken on the task of healing the wounds of their fellow humans following every such war despite the hardships inflicted on them. With its dialogue of civilizations, the IR of Iran has proved its will to observe equality, respect, dialogue, and understanding. The JCPOA is the result of such an outlook.

The defining role of women politicians in the EU in bringing about the JCPOA agreement is undeniable in its every step.

We condemn the US turning its back on a multilateral agreement supported by a UNSCR and would like to you as women politicians playing a defining role in the EU to do everything in your power to safeguard the JCPOA and its achievements; because, creating a safe global society where peace and justice are secured, enabling us to walk through the current crises created by some war mongers in powerful places is not possible without the active role of peace activists and those who oppose war, and especially pro-peace women.”


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