Economic difficulties reach House of Cinema

Economic difficulties reach House of Cinema
ID : N-2309 Date : 2018/07/10 - 13:29

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian House of Cinema BoD have decided to forgo the celebrations for the House due to people’s economic hardships in Iran.

Persia Digest reports that the 20th press conference for the House of Cinema celebrations took place in the House this morning.

The House CEO, Shahsavari, pointed to the economic situation in the country today, and said: “Unfortunately, the economic situation of our country and our colleagues in terms of livelihood and job security is a sad story. Hence, we have decided for the jury to carry out its duties strongly and fairly for the whole of Iranian cinema, but will forgo any celebratory ceremonies.”

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He added: “Although it is the right of cinematographers to gather together once a year; but, considering today’s circumstances and the collection of pressures in society at this time, this is not a possibility.”

The Head of the Iranian Academy of the Arts Department of Cinema also pointed to the situation and said: “We are surely unable to say that the situation is ideal; but we can do two things – either stop hoping altogether and spread hopelessness, or hope against hope and move to solve our problems. We have chosen the second way.”

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