Euros 2.3 billion exports from Germany to Iran

Euros 2.3 billion exports from Germany to Iran
ID : N-974 Date : 2018/01/04 - 10:11

(Persia Digest) – Director of the joint Iran-Germany chamber of commerce has announced that Iran’s economy is the most versatile industrial economy in the region, and added: “In the nine months from January to October 2017, Germany has exported euros 2.3 billion worth of goods to Iran and imported USD 328MM from Iran.

Michael Tockuss said that Germany does not purchase raw oil from Iran: “Our refineries are not designed to refine Iranian oil which has a high sulfur content. Iran’s main oil importers are Italy and Greece.”

He continued: “Iran’s traditional exports to Germany include handmade carpets and dried fruits. Prior to the 1995 sanctions against Iran, this country also exported some industrial products such as truck engines to Europe. Today, Iran also exports other items, such as chemicals, tools, and pharmaceuticals, but only to its neighboring countries.”

Tockuss added: “Although Iran's economy has a significant industrial base, the quality of its products must meet the standards of European markets. Instead, these are currently exported to regional markets.”

Iranians are currently cooperating with their European partners to promote the quality of their products, and he believes that this will improve over time.


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