Execution of drug traffickers ends in Iran

Execution of drug traffickers ends in Iran
ID : N-1028 Date : 2018/01/10 - 19:01

(Persia Digest) – Head of Iran’s Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani, has announced that in line with the new laws of the country, the execution of drug traffickers has ended and their cases will be reviewed.

The memo issued to all the judicial authorities of the country by the Head of the Judiciary is an executive order to add a clause to the Article on narcotics. The Attorney General is in charge of overseeing its implementation.

In the autumn of 2017, the Iranian Parliament added a clause to the 1988 Narcotics Act of the Expediency Council according to which execution for certain convicted drug offences was eliminated and replaced with imprisonment and fines.

Based on the new law, an execution sentence will only be issued for traffickers producing or distributing over 50kgs of traditional drugs (opium), over 2kgs of heroin, or 3kgs of methamphetamine also known as glass and ice. These amounts were previously 5kgs for traditional opium and 30grs for synthetic drugs.

Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters opposed the new clause and had warned that its implementation would increase access to and use of drugs in the country.

Nevertheless, the Article was drafted and ratified following much toing and froing between Parliament and the Guardian Council.

Revision of Iran's laws that resulted in large numbers of executions of drug offenders has been the request of many human rights groups and organizations, including Amnesty International.

Drug offenders make up a large number of executions in Iran and the country is expected to be removed from the top of the list of countries where most executions take place. According to official statistics, the new directive will stop the execution of at least 5000 offenders.


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