Exhibit: Tony Cragg last days

Exhibit: Tony Cragg last days
ID : N-1035 Date : 2018/01/11 - 12:20

(Persia Digest) “Roots and Stones” is an exhibition of sculptures by British-German artist at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in its final days. It will wrap up on Friday 12 January 2018.

It you have not yet visited this fantastic exhibit of massive wood and stone forms, you have two more days to feast your eyes at the Museum. The exhibition is the result of a lifetime’s work by the artist showcased in Tehran. Forty sculptures and 140 works on paper are on display here.

Tony Cragg has been in Iran since fall, busy sculpting a piece for the gardens of the Museum. His work has been finished in time to wrap up his exhibition.

Talking about his works, Cragg had said: “In addition to the form and content of the works I have showcased here, the history of the artist and materials used is also important. I usually work with simple materials. Nature has not been reconstructed in these works; but, it is the ideas and interpretations created by each material that is of consequence here. Every idea can be found in the materials. Sculpting is not an industrial work and it is free to restore the richness of the form to the materials. We deal with materials in our everyday life; but this is a functional, repetitive relationship. Sculpting wants to break this repetition by designing and introducing new ideas.”

He continued by talking about the theme in his works: “The connection between knowing and believing, and between man and nature, are some of the themes in my works. My subjects are expressed in the complex forms of my sculptures, inside and out.”


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