Expecting mother of 4000 years

Expecting mother of 4000 years
ID : N-1891 Date : 2018/06/06 - 09:47

(Persia Digest) – A 4000-year old expecting woman has been resting in peace in the historic baths of Semnan for over 20 years.

The lady of Tappeh Hessar remains are one of a kind narration of burial rituals in ancient Persia on display in the Hazrat or Pahneh baths in Semnan.

The baths date back to the Safavid and Qajar eras; these were registered as a national heritage in 1974 and turned into the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology in 1994 following restoration works.

But what makes these Safavid-Qajar baths special is the display of a woman’s skeleton found in Tappeh Hessar in 1995 and transferred to the Museum as found. Her age is estimated to be between 18 and 25 at the time of death.

The body was buried according to Mithraism rites on its side, facing the light. Eating and drinking utensils have been buried next to the skull, giving an idea of the food eaten in that time. A bronze ring and bracelet adorn the skeletons hands. A smooth object resembling a tooth can be seen on her neck, made of limestone, which is believed to be the remains of a necklace.

The most amazing part are the remains of a fetus bones she carried. Some of the small bones can be seen next to the larger skeleton and behind the pelvis.

The adobe brick placed under the mother’s foot according to burial rites in ancient Persia clearly indicate that she died in childbirth.

The entire find has been displayed in a glass coffin as a reminder of the burial customs in the second millennium BCE in Iran’ central plateau.


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