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Devoted farmer hospitalized


Rizali Khajavi, known as the devoted farmer to most of us, has been hospitalized for kidney failure. Azbar-Ali Hajavi, nicknamed Rizali Khajavi, has been in our school books for decades now. He came to be known as the devoted farmer in our elementary literature books throughout Iran.  

Baghcheban father of the deaf


Jabbar Baghcheban is known as the father of the deaf and hard-of-hearing in Iran. He is the founder of the first school for the deaf in Iran, which he established in the city of Tabriz and called it “Baghche-ye Atfal” [The children’s garden], and thus became known as “Bagcheban” [gardener]. He passed away in 1966.  

Tesla and Volvo seek out 10-year old Iranian inventor


The young 10-year old Iranian boy, Hossein Atayi Sangrudi from Karaj has already 16 inventions in his portfolio. Six of these are in the process of being registered. His inventions include the VTOL three-modality drones, gunboats, office furniture, miniature sprayer, multipurpose control for smart TVs, and so on.

Artificial Intelligence used by Iranian police force


Sardar Saeid Montazer-Almahdi, top advisor to the Commander of the Iranian Police Force, has said: “We will soon see fundamental developments in police electronic services using artificial intelligence.”

Australian cultural attaché: Aussies happy with Iran trip


Australian cultural attaché and second in rank, Hamish Leslie Reisen, has said that Australians are not very familiar with Iran and its tourist attractions, adding: “Planning cultural programs is one of the best incentives for Australians to travel to Iran; because, the image they have of Iran is impacted by the global news coverage. Good news from Iran will surely attract their attention, especially about cultural links between the two countries.”

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The discovery of three terrorist groups in Iran


Iran's Minister of Intelligence has announced: “Three terrorist groups have been identified in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan and all fifteen members arrested. The detainees have said they intended to carry out suicide attacks among Arba’een pilgrims.”

India will begin work in Chabahar in a fortnight


The Head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization has announced the start of work by the Indian operator in the southern Iranian port of Chabahar in a fortnight.

Zangeneh: Iran's oil exports are unstoppable


Iran’s Petroleum Minister has said: “The sustainable supply of oil to customers is one of Iran’s best services and no other country has the capacity to replace Iranian oil on the demanding global oil market.”

A trip to Iran costs 50 percent less


A trip to Iran now costs 50 percent less for tourists traveling here. This has led to an increased number of trips from neighboring countries of up to 51 percent. But, this drop in price has not yet enticed visitors from further afield.

FM Zarif: Iran open for talks, no sign from the US


Iran is open to dialogue with the United States without preconditions, but such talks remain elusive so long as Washington fails to show Tehran respect, its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday.