Exterior of Azadi Tower spring cleaned after eight years

Exterior of Azadi Tower spring cleaned after eight years
ID : N-1481 Date : 2018/03/16 - 11:40

(Persia Digest) – Tehran’s Azadi Tower gets a once over on the threshold of Nowruz, on its 46th birthday.

Head of the Azadi Tower cultural-artistic complex, Nematollah Payan, said: “Azadi Tower is a tourist destination during Nowruz every year, both for visitors and Tehranis themselves. The cleaning of its exterior began last week with the efforts of the Rudaki Cultural Foundation and will be completed end of this week.”

Payan continued: “Special mechanical tools used worldwide for old buildings are being used to clean the façade of Tehran’s landmark.”

He went on to say: “The special “Baharaneh” [Springtime] Nowruz programs will be held at the Tower 22 March till 1 April 2018 for the holidaymakers. We have predicted the required infrastructures to welcome them.”

He also pointed out to plans made to equip the restaurant, coffee shop of the north gate, and opening of the new gallery as the Tower’s new facilities for the coming Nowruz New Year.

Nowruz programs here include concerts, ritual ceremonies, special programs for women and women heads of households, a Haft Sin spread, art expos, a traditional photography studio, handicraft stands, and the sale of souvenirs from across Iran.

Azadi Tower was last cleaned in 2009.

This Tehran landmark turned 46 in January this year. The construction of Azadi Square and Tower began in early 1969 and was completed on 16 October 1971. The Tower opened on 16 January 1972.


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