Farhadi: The world needs more enquiring people

Farhadi: The world needs more enquiring people
ID : N-1020 Date : 2018/01/10 - 10:29

(Persia Digest) Asghar Farhadi has written a note on the recent unrests in Iran.

The text is as follows:

“Questions, humiliation, anger

Over the past days, a number of my friends and compatriots have been asking about my thoughts on the recent protests in my country.

I took pen to paper a number of times, but what I wrote was influenced by my feelings and not what I wanted. Today, I am writing again in a rational, impartial manner.

A few years back, in the introduction to my book of scripts, I wrote: ‘If I have been able to encourage the boldness to question in my audience and lessen the fear of inquisitiveness in their minds, I will be happy with the time I have spent writing. More than needing responsive governments, today’s world is in need of a questioning population. A people unfearful of placing a question mark after all that is stable and final for them.’

Lately, there has been much news on the protests in Iran from near and far. The word most used here is “demands”; economic, political, social, and cultural demands.

But alongside these demands, on a larger scale, what has led people to protest in various ways are the questions that have remained unanswered over the past decades about everything, either due to secrecy, discretion, or neglect. Or else, there have been unrealistic answers.

The unanswered whys accumulated in society, contrary to the thinking of those who are responsible for answering them, have not resulted in calm and forgetfulness, but in humiliation. And the inflamed wound of humiliation is the most powerful factor of anger. There is no anger deeper and more lasting than the anger of humiliation. Arresting, silencing, and threatening those who question does not mean that the questions have been lost. These remain and multiply in the nook and crannies of the mind.

My thoughts are with the victims of these protests and their families. The eyes of the young “Armin Sadeghi” from my hometown so filled with the joys of life will never leave my sight.”


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