Farmanara: I am worried about the Iranian youth

Farmanara: I am worried about the Iranian youth
ID : N-1212 Date : 2018/02/04 - 16:00

(Persia Digest) -  On the verge of his 76th birthday, Bahman Farmanara, filmmaker with 45 years of experience, has said: “I must confess that I am more worried about the youth these days than I am about myself.”

Bahman Farmanara, Iranian filmmaker and producer of “Because I want to” which has not been screened yet, told “Etemad” newspaper: “I don’t hear or see good news and events concerning the youth of Iran. One such case is the youngsters who were involved in recent unrests. There is no one around to look after them or pursue their plight. We must ask ourselves why do these young people who have their lives ahead of them come out and protest on the streets? What has happened and what have we done to anger them so much?”

In another part of his interview, he said: “In the culture of us Iranians, we have always been one as a nation, but we have not always had a united voice except in short periods of time. We have always been worried about ourselves and “what about my share”? We have never been one continuously. We are always criticizing one another. But a society who criticizes the one next door and never itself, that is willing to accept that others are responsible but not itself, one that is unwilling to accept even the simplest neighborhood rules and that this is a joint responsibility for people who have to live together, will never thrive. You know, it isn’t any one person’s fault; it’s a joint responsibility. Life has changed. We have gone from community gatherings on the streets to living in towers. The city has no known beginning or end… There are no fast and furious solutions for this.”

He went on to say: “We must all try to get along, to understand that our kid is not different from the one next door. We are all the same. We must understand our youth, understand one another. Once we reach such a consensus, then we can listen to our youth when they have grievances to air, and not stand up to them. The newspapers have their hands tied. We have no TV. There must be a place where we can voice our opinions. When the young people have nowhere to watch their true selves and relate to it, they will certainly recourse to social media which is a freer virtual space. Filtering Telegram or arresting the youngsters is not the solution. The only solution is to narrow the generation gap; to understand that these kids are worried about their future.”


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