Ferdowsiology chair established at Lahore University

Ferdowsiology chair established at Lahore University
ID : N-1048 Date : 2018/01/14 - 11:53

(Persia Digest) - With the efforts of the cultural attaché at the Iranian Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan, the chair of Ferdowsiology was established at the state owned Lahore College for Women University in Lahore.

According to the report by IRNA News Agency, following the International Conference on Ferdowsi held in March 2017, at the request of professors, students of the Persian language, researchers, scholars and poets and men of letters of the state of Punjab of Pakistan, supported by the Iranian cultural attaché in Lahore, the chair of Ferdowsiology was established at Lahore College for Women University.

Azmi Qureshi, President of the state owned Lahore College for Women University, by referring to the common bonds of civilization and culture between the two countries of Pakistan and Iran said: “Today, the message of the sage Abulghasem Ferdowsi Tousi has traveled beyond the borders of the Greater Khorasan of yesteryears to become globalized. It belongs to all generations of all ages.”

She expressed hope that the common bonds of heritage and culture between the two countries can become more active through further scientific and academic interactions between Iran and Pakistan.

She went on to say that the two countries are neighbors and it would be fitting to increase scholarships for distinguished scholars of the Persian language in the universities of Punjab to continue their studies for graduate and doctorate degrees, and to increase the exchanges of professors, researchers, semester and yearly students. Support should be provided for the dispatch of professors and students of the Persian language to take part in reeducation programs, acquaintance with the realities of Iran, and visiting tourist and pilgrimage sites.”

According to the report by Persia Digest, the Persian language was the official language of the subcontinent and Pakistan for nearly a thousand years until the eighteenth century when the British ended that practice by government edict and promoted the English language instead. However, not only the Persian language did not vanish in these regions, but different sections of adherents to science, knowledge, poetry, and literature began learning it.”

The sage, Abulghasem Ferdowsi Tousi (941-1025 AD) was the epic poet of Iran and composed Shahnameh, The book of Kings, the national epic of Iran. Many scholars consider Ferdowsi the greatest poet in the Persian language who enjoys world fame. Many historians consider his role in keeping the Persian language and literature alive and incomparable.”


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