Few clicks to make art

Few clicks to make art
ID : N-199 Date : 2017/08/27 - 13:19

 (Persia digest)- The crowdfunding portal for Iranian handicrafts was unveiled during the national handicrafts exhibition.

According to Morteza Barari, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Vice President, more than 370,000 handicraft manufacturers are active across the country, all of whom are in need of financial support. This portal has provided a platform for micro investors to support the artisans in their productions.

The portal is active under the name “Perhand.ir”. It is a website for those interested in investing in original Iranian handicrafts and a simple environment to support the work of these artisans on the internet. Those involved in the startup of this portal for crowdfunding said investments can be share-based or reward- based. The current platform is reward-based. In other words, the manufacturers and campaign owners consider reward packages for the sponsors. If an individual decides to invest in mass producing a product, the presales will be offered to them as a reward.


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