Fin Garden - A combination of art, water, trees

Fin Garden - A combination of art, water, trees
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(Persia Digest) – The Fin Garden is located in the city of Kashan in one of the central Iranian provinces called Isfahan. Dynamic elements such as water and trees along with a beautiful architecture bring this historic cultural work to life. The Garden lies in a 33,700-square meter area. The present building of the Fin Garden dates back to the era of King Abbas Safavid I and the designer of the Garden as acknowledged by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization is Ghias-e-Din Jamshid Kashani.  However, according to academic sources, Sheikh Bahaei is known as the designer of the Garden.

Water and trees in Fin Garden

Water is one of the main elements in designing the Fin Garden. It is used in different forms, including stagnant water in the pool in front of the summerhouse and in the Safavid Pool House, or as running water in the streams and fountains, and bubbling up from the regular holes of the bed of the Safavid Pool House.

Any form of water in the Garden is associated with a specific concept. In a place facing real water shortages, the existence of plenty of water running in the streams with cyan-colored tiles and trees with their spreading shadows are in remarkable contrast with the area surrounding the Garden where a dry and cruel desert is waiting behind the walls. Most of the trees in the Garden are between 100 to 470 years old.

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Buildings in Fin Garden

The first thing we can see as soon as entering the Garden is the tall building portal constructed in the Safavid era. At the center of the Garden, the Safavid summerhouse stands on two floors. The ground floor has a hashti and a corridor leading to the Garden with rooms lined both sides. A large, beautiful hall with a stunning view is on the second floor. A small bathroom also remains from the Safavid era. The royal bathroom, national museum and the Khalvat-e Karimkhani (Karimkhan’s private space) as well as the Shah-Neshin (king’s seat) were added to the complex after the Safavid era.

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