Fire in Hour Alazim skins buffalos

Fire in Hour Alazim skins buffalos
ID : N-2512 Date : 2018/07/26 - 12:41

(Persia Digest) – At least 20 buffalos have died in a fire in the Hour Alazim wetland in southwestern Iran. This figure is likely to rise as the fire is not yet under control.

Persia Digest reports that the Environment Organization of Iran announced last week that over 1800 hectares of the wetland inside Iranian territory was burning. Some sources put this figure at 3000 hectares.

Pictures of the skinned buffalos have gone viral on social media over the past few days.

Animal husbandry, and buffalos in particular, is a main source of income in this area.

Buffalos need a lot of water, which was previously provided in the Hour Alazim wetland stretching out to the villages. But water levels have now dropped to such an extent that a dry area of land measuring a few kilometres now rests between the villages and the wetland. Sadly, this area has been declared out of bounds by Iranian border police due to drug trafficking.

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Farmers are not allowed in this area, but their herds are. Tall cane fields in the wetland area hide the buffalos from view, where they stay from a few days to a month at a time. This has meant that their journey has been uncontrollable for the farmers.

There was no one around to save them when the fire broke out. Twenty were burned to death and others have suffered severe burns.

Hour Alazim is one of Iran’s largest marshlands on the border with Iraq. One-third of it is in Iranian territory and two-thirds in Iraq.

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