Five bands perform in Tehran

Five bands perform in Tehran
ID : N-699 Date : 2017/11/21 - 20:35

(Persia Digest) – With the end of the mourning period for the two lunar months of Muharram and Safar in Iran, five bands from Austria, Germany, Sweden, and Azerbaijan will play their fusion and traditional music in Tehran in December.

Yesterday, the Czech Dulcimer group held a concert for the survivors of the recent earthquake in western Iran at the Niavaran Cultural Center. On 30 November and 1 December the Open Source Trio will have a concert at 20h30 at the Cultural Center. The band had already had one improvised performance in Tehran’s Vahdat Hall in October.

On 4-5 December, the German band Schiller will play at the Ministry of the Interior grand hall. The Schiller electronic music group is the comprehensive project of German musician Christopher von Dylan who released his first album in 1998.

The “Gharabagh” band from the Republic of Azerbaijan will also perform on Friday 12 December at the Vahdat Hall, starting at 21h00.

At the same time, over fifty Iranian pop, traditional, and fusion music bands will perform in Tehran and the provinces during the month of December.


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