Food industry exports increase by 12%

Food industry exports increase by 12%
ID : N-620 Date : 2017/11/08 - 12:16

(Persia Digest) – Exports by Iran’s food industry have increased by 12% in the first six months of the Iranian calendar year as compared to a similar period last year.

Iran food cooperatives’ Chairman of the Board announced the above and said: “The increase in exported foodstuffs includes dairy 19%, vegetable oil 7%, flavorings and distillates 9%, dried fruits 14%, canned foods and confectionery 10%, and all other foods 5%.

Mahdi Karimi Tafreshi also said that food exports from Iran to Russia in the first six months of the year have increased as compared to a similar period last year: “This figure has risen to USD 450MM, showing an increase from USD 310MM last year.”

He continued by saying: “Russia with a population of 150 million people is a large market for Iran. Currently, we are exporting a variety of foodstuffs to Russia, ranging from dairies, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, raisins, canned foods, and confectionery.”

He reiterated: “President Putin’s orders for his country to procure 20% of its alimentation from Iran is a significant opportunity for our food industry. If this trend continues, it will have a financial value of

USD 30BN.”

Karim Tafreshi went on to say that with an increase in the production capacity of the relevant units over the last nine months, their operations have increased by 15% on average.

He reiterated: “This increase in production can have different reasons, the most important of which is better relations between Iran and the rest of the world as compared to previous years, new markets such as Qatar, post-ISIS Iraq, Russia, and central Asian countries, better packaging, better quality, and better support by the government for the food industry.”

Karimi Tafreshi added: “The food sector in Iran is one of its more accomplished industries with top quality foodstuffs and its own niche in regional markets, Eurasia, the Caucasus, Russia, and in the Persian Gulf states.


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