German band surprises Iranian fans

German band surprises Iranian fans
ID : N-821 Date : 2017/12/11 - 20:05

(Persia Digest) – Members of the Schiller Band have landed in Tehran for a 5-day concert at the Ministry of the Interior Hall. The program will be from Monday to Friday 11-14 December 2017 at 21h30 every night.

Christopher von Deylen, band leader, said about their trip to Iran: “I feel good, because I was also here ten years ago. I went to Tabriz first, then Isfahan, and then Tehran. The whole band is happy to be in Iran.”

The international musician said about their Iranian fans: “I always received great posts on Instagram from Iran and wanted to stage a concert here. One year ago, I was in touch with Mostafa Kabiri and it was decided to hold a concert in Iran. I realized we had many Iranian fans and we are very happy to be here.”

The Schiller Band leader added: “We have a small surprise for our Iranian fans. We have chosen our best music to perform here together with our audience.”

Christopher also commented on Iranian music: “Right now, I only know a handful of Iranian artists. But things will be different next week and I will surely know more people here.”

He continued by saying: “I am truly pleased to have been invited to Iran. It is a high point for our group to perform here.”

The Schiller Band with Christopher van Deylen as group leader, gets its name from the German poet and dramatist Friedrich Schiller. They have released albums in the electronic genre. Deylen entered the music market by releasing his first album in 1998. He has sold seven million copies worldwide as of today.


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