Germany bans Mahan Air flights

ID : N-3782 Date : 2018/12/22 - 13:38

(Persia Digest) - Germany is to ban flights in and out of the country by Iran’s Mahan Air, which is under U.S. sanctions over allegations it ferries troops and supplies into Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, a newspaper reported on Friday.

According to Reuters, Bild said the German government had taken the decision to stop Mahan Air from operating its flights to Dusseldorf and Munich after intensive deliberations on U.S. demands.

A German government spokesman said he could not comment on the report in Bild, which said Mahan Air would be banned in January.

The U.S. government has sanctioned several companies for their links to Mahan Air, including a Thai aviation company and a Malaysia-based sales agent.

The U.S. embassy in Berlin has criticized Germany for allowing the airline to fly to the two major cities. Mahan Air says on its website that it also operates flights to Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Athens.

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Germany and its European Union partners are at odds with the United States over policy toward Iran.

U.S. President Donald Trump in May pulled out of a deal between Iran and major powers intended to constrain Tehran’s nuclear program and reinstated sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

France and Germany are leading efforts to ensure Iran does not quit the deal, engineered by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

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