Germany proposes to host Achaemenid exhibition

Germany proposes to host Achaemenid exhibition
ID : N-761 Date : 2017/12/06 - 11:00

(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with the Head of the Research Institute and Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Iran, the Head of the Union of German Museums emphasized the importance of the Achaemenid era in the Persian Empire, and proposed to stage an Achaemenid exhibition in his country.

The Head of the German Museums reiterated: “An Achaemenid exhibition is of great importance, because we would like to showcase this era not only from a European stance, but also for our Iranian colleagues. This will be an exhibition with a new outlook for our visitors.”

He added: “We can also hold an exhibition of our own museums in Iran.”

He expressed an interest in cooperating with and providing special assistance to Iranian museums, and said: “We are ready to exchange experiences in this field and establish ties between museums in Iran and Germany.”

The Head of the Research Institute and Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Iran, Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, also said at the meeting: “Out of the various MoUs signed between the Research Institute and other countries, the one signed with German universities is the most active one. We are hoping these can cover more fields besides archaeology.”

The Deputy to Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization, Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, also pointed out to the increase of ties between the two countries in various cultural domains, especially in research and museum curation, and stated: “It is very important to hold the exhibitions in both countries.”

He talked about the Qajar Exhibition at the Louvre Museum, and added: “Over 50 artifacts will be brought to Iran from the Louvre in France simultaneously in February 2017.”


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