Ghosts crying in a cursed wood

Ghosts crying in a cursed wood
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(Persia digest)- ‘Sarborj’ is a village near Mashhad in Khorasan Province. Just outside the village, there is a wood blanketed with trees which is quite peaceful during the day, like all other woods. Come nightfall, haunting sounds in the midst of its trees are enough to make you think twice. Villagers and visitors have described them as something like yelling.

It bears no resemblance to the chirping of ordinary crickets which tend to come out at night, nor is it the wind blowing, simply because not one leaf moves when the sounds are heard.

Some villagers are convinced the woods are cursed and inhabited by jinns. They say evil spirits and damned souls roam the village in the dark, making these tragic sounds.

The wood is in the valley of a river that dried up in the summer every year. But, from six years ago, or in other words ever since the sounds were heard, the water has been ceaselessly flowing in the river. This has attracted much attention by the locals, adding fuel to the fire of their fears. Would you care to visit this place? If you enjoy the rush of adrenaline, this will make an ideal camping trip for you.

And the truth is…

Further investigation into the haunting sounds revealed that they are the chirping of a particular type of crickets. During the years of plentiful rainfall, Sarborj river no longer dries up, thus attracting the crickets to the village. They invade the woods and hide among its trees and vegetation.

There may be up to 3000 crickets living on every tree. The collective sound of their chirping is transformed into a screaming, haunted sound. So, have no fear and visit these wonderful woods.



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