Giants in a magical land!

Giants in a magical land!
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(Persia digest)- In the spectacular desert of Shahdad, you will come across huge sand structures for the emergence of which no clear scientific evidence has yet been provided by scientists and researchers. These structures are called kalut locally and they turn this into one of the most attractive deserts, or kavir, in the world.

Needless to say, desert temperatures of 63 degrees centigrade turn this beautiful place into a hellish heaven. This is the official temperature recorded in the summer, but locals say Shahdad temperatures can rise to 70 degrees centigrade in the month of July.

The Lut kavir is a land of wonders. Orientalists call it the land of fairy tales; it is undoubtedly the borderline between life and death.

Kaluts are massive structures tens of meters high that have emerged from underneath the sands on the edge of the Lut desert and keep going for 45kms. They are also known as the guardians of the desert.

Some believe that these structures have been carved by wind and rain with the passage of time, and their main constructor is named as the ‘Shur River’ running next to these kaluts.

Extreme temperatures destroy all lifeform in this region; not even bacteria survive. The carcass of a calf was found here a while back completely unchanged. No decay was seen in the body of this animal after many years of lying in the desert.

Another wonder of the desert is one of the highest peaks of the Iranian plateau known as the Lalehzar Mountains which can be found in its deepest spot.

The Lut desert is in Kerman. Amazingly enough, a permanent river that runs next to the hottest spot on earth is also one that destroys all life due to its salinity. Towards the end of its course, salt concentrations are so high in this river that the white water has a more yoghurt like texture.

This no man’s land is capable of unravelling its many wonders one by one and always manages to have a surprise in store for its visitors.


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