Google changes Logo for Avicenna birthday

Google changes Logo for Avicenna birthday
ID : N-2596 Date : 2018/08/07 - 16:19

(Persia Digest) – Google has changed its logo for the day on the occasion of Avicenna’s 1038th birthday – the Iranian physician and philosopher.

Avicenna was born on 7 August 980 in Afshaneh village near Bukhara.

He is the renowned Iranian physician, astrologer, mathematician, physician, chemist, psychologist, geographer, geologist, poet, logician, and philosopher.

He is the author of the book “Shafa” on science and philosophy, and “The canon of medicine” which was completed in 1205. It remained a medical authority for centuries.

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Avicenna has written 450 books on various topics, the majority of which are on medicine and philosophy.

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy at Tennessee University has introduced Avicenna as the most influential philosopher of the pre-modern world. He was a great follower of Aristotle's philosophy, following in the footsteps of his teacher Farabi.

This great thinker spent his final years in Isfahan. He contracted stomach pains on one of his trips to Hamedan in 1049 and passed away.

His resting place is at the center of Hamedan.

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