Hadian: Iran uranium stockpile may increase if US exists JCPOA

Hadian: Iran uranium stockpile may increase if US exists JCPOA
ID : N-1427 Date : 2018/03/08 - 12:33

(Persia Digest) – In an interview with Iran newspaper, Professor of International Relations at the University of Tehran, Nasser Hadian, said: “If the US exists the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran and the world powers, Iran will have four options: 1) Continue to remain committed to its obligations in the JCPOA if the other signatories (EU, Russia, and China) remain committed to theirs; 2) If the US tears up the deal, Iran will set it on fire; 3) If the US exits the deal, Iran will adjust its obligations accordingly; for instance, if our uranium stockpile is 300kgs, this will increase to 400kgs in the event of a US exit; and 4) If the US exists the JCPOA, Iran can counteract this by increasing its obligations to show its goodwill to the world.”

“I believe there are fewer chances of pursuing the 2nd and 4th options; the 1st and 3rd options stand a better chance. If Iran goes with the 1st option, it must make sure that it will reap the economic benefits of remaining in the JCPOA and that Europe can counterbalance and compensate for a US withdrawal. If the EU abrogates the deal, Iran can then withdraw from the JCPOA. Europe is capable of standing up to the US and giving guarantees to its companies.”

“The JCPOA nuclear agreement is important for the Europeans for four reasons. Firstly, they played the main role in resolving the nuclear issue and reaching an agreement; secondly, they firmly believe that the JCPOA is the triumph of diplomacy over war; thirdly, they consider the JCPOA an important step towards non-proliferation; and fourthly, the JCPOA is considered the victory of multilateralism over unilateralism. If Europe gives in to US demands, this will be a weakening of their stance. We must see if Europe is willing to accept such a climate?”


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