Haft Howz’s nature in spring (photos)

Haft Howz’s nature in spring (photos)

(Persia Digest) - Haft Howz is near the village of Pirjad in Khorramabad, which is a beautiful area with velvety green and polished rocks. There are many basins along the river's course, so it is called Haft Howz [seven basins].

Haft Howz is a region with rocks exposures and smooth, polished stones, seven beautiful natural basins and a beautiful pristine nature after passing through the seven basins. Some of the seven basins in the area are the size of a small pool. The water flows from the first basin into the next one until it reaches the final basin. This natural phenomenon of multiple basins or “dolines” is formed by the chemical erosion caused by acid rains in the bed of one of the main streams of Torogh River from the highlands towards the southern Binalud.

In the bed of one of the streams of Torogh River, soft calcareous materials among the rocks have been eroded, and have created the geomorphic dolin shapes. Of course, from the perspective of ordinary people in this region, they are just seven beautiful basins with a beautiful view along the course of the river.


Photos: Aziz Babanejad / Tasnim


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