“Hamlet” director: Iranian audiences are smart

“Hamlet” director: Iranian audiences are smart
ID : N-1123 Date : 2018/01/23 - 11:04

(Persia Digest) – Speaking at a meeting about his play at the Fajr International Theater Festival yesterday, the producer of “Hamlet” said: “Hamlet is a well-known character. In our production, we have tried to portray him differently. Our new ‘Hamlet’ for 2018 is an interactive, pragmatic character.”

At a press meeting held in the “Mashahir” hall of “Theatr-e Shahr” on Monday 22 January 2018, Christopher Rüping, together with dramaturge Catherine Katrica, spoke of their play on stage in Iran, and said: “The only changes we had to make was in the costumes and actors holding hands to stage the play accordingly.”

Christopher Rüping continued: “No changes were made in the script; but our clever Iranian audience reacted in an interesting manner to us that made us feel we had staged a different play.”

He added that Berthold Brecht is one of my favorite authors: “There are gaps in the performance that makes the audience think. The writings of Brecht do not allow for this, but he would have liked our play if he was here.”

On the political ideas of the play, he commented: “Hamlet dies for his political views and the question arises if we want to lose our lives for our beliefs and thoughts.”

Dramaturge Catherine Katrica also spoke about the play: “I accept that this character is non-heroic. We intended to demonstrate that some people come to power, but we are not sure how they have acquired their position. Through brain-washing, they create this image that the person deserves to be in that position of power.”

“Hamlet” will be on stage at the international category of the Festival tonight.


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