Handwoven carpets export increase by 18%

Handwoven carpets export increase by 18%
ID : N-417 Date : 2017/10/09 - 13:10

(Persia Digest) - Statistics published by the Customs Office of Iran for the period of March to July 2017, show that over USD 119MM worth of handwoven carpets have been exported from Iran to target markets, showing an 18% increase as compared to a similar period last year. The Iran National Carpet Center chief has said that after a period of decline in exports over the past two years, an increasing trend has now begun in exports. Handmade carpets worth over USD 359MM were exported from Iran in 2016, showing a growth of 23%.

According to Article 2 of the JCPOA, sanctions on the export of Persian carpets were lifted and the first consignment was shipped origin Hamburg, Germany to Los Angeles in January 2016. Exports from Iran also began in February same year.

Much of this positive export trend to the United States after years of sanctions allowed Iran to regain its share of the US market open to rivals such as India and Pakistan.

Currently, the Persian carpet is exported to 80 countries, including Germany and Italy in Europe, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Qatar in the Middle East, Japan and China in eastern Asia, etc. The US is the largest importer of Persian carpets.

Nevertheless, Iran's average annual carpet exports are still far from the USD 500MM it enjoyed in the past decade.


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