Happy National Cheetah Day

Happy National Cheetah Day
ID : N-233 Date : 2017/08/31 - 12:24

(Persia digest)- 31 August is National Cheetah Day in Iran. FM Zarif has sent a video message in his Instagram for the occasion.

He says 31 August is Iranian National Cheetah Day for the Iranian cheetah. These days, we are faced with serious challenges, such as droughts and dust storms which have created serious problems for our compatriots. These challenges reflect the fact that we have not been kind to our environment and the creatures of God who share it with us in the past.

He reiterated: ‘An example of this is the Iranian cheetah which is a threatened species. Our efforts to save the species shows our reconciliation with the environment and the will to live in a kinder world with all of God’s creatures.


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