How much does getting married cost in Tehran?

How much does getting married cost in Tehran?
ID : N-1115 Date : 2018/01/26 - 10:05

(Persia Digest) – How much does it cost to get married in your city? Every person’s wedding day is probably the most special one of their lives. But do the costs hinder the plans? Getting married in Iran has its age old traditions. Needless to say, these have been watered down with the passage of time and replaced with glamorous ceremonies which are outside the financial ability of many. Be that as it may, getting married can still be a joyous occasion that does not have to cost much.

Khosro Ebrahiminia, President of the Union of reception halls, talks about the cost of a wedding in Tehran: “Having an average reception with food, fruits, and good quality sweets will cost anything between USD 650 to 7600. Of course, if the couple ask for more services to be added, this will be at an extra cost.”

He pointed out that for an average reception in Tehran, usually no more than USD 7600 is spent, and reiterated: “If the clients require a more special service for food, flower arrangements, and so on, this will obviously push up the cost. Some clients ask us for Lamb kebabs and other costly dishes.”

Ebrahiminia went on to add: “The cost will be anything between USD 5.60 to 7.60 per person.”


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