IMF denies Trump request for Iran

IMF denies Trump request for Iran
ID : N-446 Date : 2017/10/15 - 13:26

(Persia Digest) – On 15 October 2017, Business writes that the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde today said that there is no change in its policy with regard to funds to Iran based on cues from the US. You can read excerpts from the article here.

At an IMF/World Bank meeting, Lagarde told reporters: “We operate with 189 members and we only provide support and enter into program negotiations when a country asks for it."

She continued: "We see no reason to change anything in the guidelines that we have received from the IMF Board and continue to operate in the same manner".

Pradeep Kapur, a participant at the meeting, said: “"Madame Lagarde handled this diplomatically. She was recognizing that the US is still the IMF's largest stakeholder but that the IMF will still maintain its lending policy."

She was responding to a question on the new policy of US President Donald Trump who has strongly urged the IMF and World Bank not to provide loans or funds to Iran. Christine Lagarde’s answer to President Trump has been a definite no.


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