ISIS martyrs Iranian hostage

ISIS martyrs Iranian hostage
ID : N-45 Date : 2017/08/09 - 16:08

persia digest     ‘Velayat Forat’ news office affiliated to ISIS announced that the young Iranian officer, named as Mohsen Hajaji, who had been taken hostage during fighting with Iraqi forces near al-Tanf two days ago has been martyred by the terror group. He was from the Najaf Ashraf 8th Division from the city of Najafabad-Iran. Al-Tanf is a border station between Iraq and Syria. ISIS released images of this Iranian soldier being martyred. Mohsen Hajaji is survived by his wife and two-year old child.

ISIS attacks against Iran have increased after this country helped Iraqi forces liberate Mosul. Following attacks on the Iranian Parliament and Imam Khomeini’s shrine two months ago, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced the arrest of 27 ISIS members prior to the inauguration of the newly elected President Rouhani. The Ministry announced that the group intended to carry out attacks deep within Iranian territory and its religious cities. 

ISIS had released messages in Persian earlier, threatening Iranians with more terrorist attacks on their cities.


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