Increase in cancer and burn incidences in Iran

Increase in cancer and burn incidences in Iran
ID : N-1391 Date : 2018/03/04 - 14:19

(Persia Digest) - Statistics in Iran are sometimes surprising. The rate of burn incidents is eight times the global average as per the latest official statistics.

According to Dr Mohammad Hadi Ayazi, Deputy Minister of Health, the burn rate in Iran is eight times the global average; these statistics suggest that our actions and those of the authorities must include safety measures.

The responsibility for the incidents and problems we face rests on our shoulders to some degree and it is also the responsibility of the authorities to implement workplace safety.

The Minister of Health’s deputy also announced the statistics for cancer patients. According to this, there are around 350,000 cancer patients in Iran and nearly 100,000 people are added to this number annually.

The Minister of Health’s deputy stated that traffic-related deaths, however, have been declining: “In the past, we had 28,000 deaths annually in traffic-related accidents; this number has dropped to 16,500 by controlling the situation in recent years.”

These figures tell us plenty about the lifestyle in Iran. The fact that we have eight times more burn victims as compared to other countries indicates that safety standards are not observed much at work. The increase in cancer cases to 100,000 is also another indicator of a lifestyle which requires a change.

Four out of every 134 men, and 127 out of every 100,000 women are diagnosed with cancer in Iran. The global average is 205 out of 100,000.

The reason for this increase is due to population ageing in Iran. Sedentary lifestyles, obesity, smoking, narcotics, a high-fat and salty diet, and not eating enough vegetables are among the causes of cancer.


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