International scientists travel to Iran

International scientists travel to Iran
ID : N-1360 Date : 2018/03/02 - 09:37

(Persia Digest) – Over the past eleven months, 230 foreign scientists have traveled to Iran to expand scientific cooperation with this country.

Speaking at the Iran-German Science Day at the University of Science and Technology in Tehran, Hossein Salar-Amoli said: “Over the past eleven months, 230 scientists from Germany, Austria, Italy, and China have traveled to Iran for extensive scientific cooperation.”

Salar-Amoli added: “Holding an Iran-Germany Science Day has laid the grounds for cooperation between Iran, Germany and other European countries in this field.” A large German delegation of 60 representatives from universities and scientific organs have traveled to Iran.

The Deputy Minister of Science in International Affairs reiterated: “We are planning for three programs currently, including sending students to Germany for studying opportunities over periods of six to nine months, student exchange at graduate level, and organizing joint projects.

Salar-Amoli continued by saying: “Iran and Germany will work on 22 joint projects which have become the focal point of research between the two countries over the past six months.”


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