Iran 5th country in the world taking refugees

Iran 5th country in the world taking refugees
ID : N-2112 Date : 2018/06/27 - 11:39

(Persia Digest) - Deputy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that Iran is the fifth refugee-hosting country in the world.

“After World War II, we saw the worst situation in terms of refugee status in the world, and in recent years, the number of refugees has increased significantly. The number of refugee children, which have submitted independent asylum applications, has also increased by five times,” Stephanie Rinville said.

“According to the latest UNHCR data, by the end of 2017, there were 68.5 million displaced people across the world, which is three thousand more than the figure in 2016; 24.5 million of them are refugees and more than half are children,” she added.

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According to her, the number of Afghan refugees in Iran is 1.5 million, of which 50% are children under the age of 18, and it is estimated that there are about two to three million illegal refugees in Iran.

“Nearly one million refugees in Iran have Amayesh cards, and now, 45,500 children who are either orphans, or separated from their families, have applied for asylum on their own. Of every 10 Afghan asylum seekers in Iran, one is a child,” she added.

“The Iranian government has taken major steps forward with widespread policies and emphasis on access of refugees to equal opportunities. But the UNHCR is still asking for further assistance to increase these supports,” she said.

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