Iran Archaeology Department opens in Nanjing Uni

Iran Archaeology Department opens in Nanjing Uni
ID : N-2267 Date : 2018/07/07 - 16:47

(Persia Digest) – Head of the joint Iran-China Archaeology Board, Ali Vahdati, has announced the opening of an Archaeology Department at Nanjing University in China.

He said the immigration of Iranians to China and the study of historic tombs of Iranians in this country have attracted the attention of Chinese scholars for nearly three decades. Hence, Nanjing University intends to start teaching the subject of Iranian Archaeology here.

Mohammad Beheshti, the Head of the Cultural and Tourism Research Institute of Iran said about the MoU: “Alongside trade ties, Iran and China also had scientific and arts and culture ties. But these had been severed. Fortunately, the signing of the MoU between our Research Institute and Nanjing University means that we can start working in these fields again.”

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He also emphasized: “Apart from archaeology, the two countries can also work on sociology, history, architecture, languages, and dialects among others.”

Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage also pointed to the close cooperation between Iran and China in Usesco, and said: “Another field of cooperation can be with the regional research center in safeguarding intangible heritages.”

The Head of the Jiangsu Province, Lee Horn, also expressed interest in expanding ties with his Iranian counterparts at university and museum levels in research and artifacts.

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