Iran & Austria work on the “Glory of Persepolis”

Iran & Austria work on the “Glory of Persepolis”
ID : N-2176 Date : 2018/07/01 - 16:55

(Persia Digest) – An initial MoU has been signed for the project “Glory of Persepolis” between Iran Tourism Development Corporation MD, Ali Jirofti, and the Austrian company MD.

Ali Jirofti said: “The Project will be financed by an Austrian bank in five stages. In the first stage, the Persepolis site will be documented, secured, and cleaned. A new front building will also be provided for selling tickets, a coffee shop, sanitary facilities, handicrafts shop, souvenirs, book shop, etc.

He added: “In the second stage, an assembly hall, an electronic gate, and a VIP hall will be provided. At this stage, planning will be done to create a tour guide system at different hours of the day and night.”

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Jirofti said the third stage is dedicated to sound and lighting: “Video mapping and laser shows will be staged here with the latest technology for a beautiful display of the history of Persepolis.”

He continued: “In the fourth and fifth stages, the Persepolis Museum will be completed and the rest of the enclosure will be prepared for holding big occasions.”

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