Iran-EU agricultural cooperation

Iran-EU agricultural cooperation
ID : N-639 Date : 2017/11/11 - 21:21

(Persia Digest) - The meeting of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce and the European Union's Agriculture and Food Industry delegation took place in Tehran today.

At the meeting, Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, said: “More than 40 active companies from 19 countries of the European Union are present here today, and the Iranian market has a high capacity for cooperation in dairies, meat, vegetables, chocolate, and grains for animal feed.”

Massoud Khansari, the Head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture also said at the meeting: “Iran is an attractive emerging market for investment. It has over 100 million tons of agricultural products per year and can complement the EU in the field of agriculture.”

He reiterated: “Trade between Iran and the EU has increased by more than 60%, but certain banking hurdles still remain.”

Also present at the meeting was Iran’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, who stated: “Over 2200 species of medicinal herbs were identified in Iran, and 60 types of fruits are in the business cycle. Climate diversity, technical knowledge, human resources, and the development of higher education in Iran are among the advantages of the country in agriculture.”

Ali-Akbar Mehrfard also named banking hurdles as an important issue in trade with Iran, and added: “Iran's food import tariffs in the European Union are also very high, and it is necessary to revise these.”

He went on to say that Iran is ready to join the World Trade Organization: “Of course, regional development is contemplated in the agreements today, talks between Iran and Eurasia are being finalized, and we hope to sign a similar deal with other countries in order to facilitate business.”

At the meeting, Kaveh Zargran, Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of Tehran's Chamber of Commerce, called for a change in Iran-European banking relations and said: “Iran is ready to attract foreign capital.”

He reiterated: “Iran’s particular position in producing agricultural goods, together with its secure economic environment, provides a good incentive for investment by EU countries.”

Iran's conditional agreement to import meat from Europe

In his meeting with Iran’s Minister of Agriculture, Phil Hogan said: “Iran can negotiate and reach an agreement with the EU as a whole rather than conduct talks separately with every member state. This visit will certainly help strengthen EU's relations with Iran in the economic sphere.” He requested that beef exports from the European Union without age restrictions be facilitated by Iran.

Mahmud Hojati, Iran’s Minister of Agriculture, responded: “There are no obstacles on the path of importing red meat from the EU. But these must be approved by Iran’s Veterinary Organization and be able to compete with imported red meat from Brazil.”


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