Iran-Qatar Joint Economic Committee Meeting

Iran-Qatar Joint Economic Committee Meeting
ID : N-1759 Date : 2018/05/13 - 11:16

(Persia Digest) – After a 13-year hiatus, the 6th Iran-Qatar Joint Economic Commission will be meeting again on 13 and 14 May 2018 in Doha.

A 70-strong delegation of Iranian businessmen and experts from the private and state sectors headed by the Deputy of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade for international affairs, Mohammd-Reza Fayaz, entered the Qatari capital on Sunday morning.

According to Fayyaz, many outstanding issues over the past years, including trade, mining, customs, oil, petrochemicals, standards, exports, and banking will be reviewed and resolved at the meeting.

He said: “Close ties between Iran and Qatar have gone to the next level and we are moving towards an improvement in relations. Our understanding is that the Qatari side is ready to decide on issues raised by the Commission, and there is no serious deterrent to developing relations.”

Persia Digest reports that the 6th meeting of the Joint Economic Commission for Iran and Qatar will be held on Sunday 13 May at the level of experts, and on Monday 14 May on a ministerial level.

Following sanctions imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its allies, Iran gave Qatar Airways permission to fly over Iran and gave it vital food help and other basic needs.

Economic ties between Iran and Qatar have developed fast over the past year, in particular following the severance of ties by the Saudis, the UAE, Bahrein, and Egypt with Qatar. Trade volumes between the two countries have traditionally stood at less than USD 90MM per year. But this crossed the USD 250MM threshold in 2017.


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