Iran aims to export handicrafts worth $ 1bn

Iran aims to export handicrafts worth $ 1bn
ID : N-314 Date : 2017/09/16 - 11:16

(Persia digest)-   At a ceremony honoring the second anniversary of selecting Isfahan as the world’s leading city in handicrafts, the Director of Trades and Exports Office at Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said: ‘Nowadays, the highest growth rate for Iranian exports belongs to Isfahan’s handicrafts at 334%, along with dried fruits, agricultural products, and dairy products.’

Puya Mahmudian added: ‘Big steps have been taken to promote handicrafts over the past four years and Iran's exports in this area have grown by 111% to over $ 250 million as compared to similar periods from 2009-2013.’

He predicted that this figure will rise to $1bn by the end of the sixth development plan.


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