Iran globalizes women’s wrestling

Iran globalizes women’s wrestling
ID : N-267 Date : 2017/09/04 - 18:30

(Persia Digest)- Women’s Classical Wrestling, presented to the World Wrestling Federation by Iran, has been approved by its board of directors.

The Iranian Wrestling Federation had presented the sport and its regulations to the Board following initial approvals by the Traditional Wrestling Committee and the Executive Committee of the World Wrestling Federation. The sport was discussed at the BoD meeting of the World Wrestling Federation on 24 August following a report presented by Ms Panahizadeh, the representative of ‘Women’s Wrestling Committee’ at the Iranian Federation. Discussions by board members ensued and the sport was finally approved with the support of the head of the Traditional Wrestling Committee, and federation chiefs from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

This style of women’s wrestling will submit its annual program for the World Wrestling Federation calendar and begin its international activities according to regulations. All the rules and regulations pertaining to Women’s Classical Wrestling were approved by the BoD at the meeting.


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