Iran handicrafts exhibition in Sanandaj

Iran handicrafts exhibition in Sanandaj
ID : N-2064 Date : 2018/06/24 - 16:47

(Persia Digest) – The handicrafts exhibition of Iran is taking place with six participating world villages and cities at the Kurdistan House in the city of Sanandaj in northwestern Iran.

Apart from the hand arts on display at the stands, staff also teach visitors how to make them.

Various types of kilim, prayer mats, folk costume, jewelry, wicker mats, pottery, patchwork, etching, and traditional locks are on display in 35 stands.

The six global villages and cities known for their handicrafts in Iran are Marivan world city of Kalash cotton shoes, Lajin world city of pottery, Isfahan world city of handicrafts, Mashhad world city of gemstones, Sirjan world city of kilim, Tabriz world city of handwoven carpets, and Golpurgan world village of pottery in Sistan and Baluchistan Province which have been introduced at the expo.

Persia digest reports that the first edition of the exhibition took place in 2014 with the display of Iranian folk costume. The second edition ran in 2016 with an exhibition of handwoven kilim and carpets.

This exhibition is part of the third festival of Iranian culture and ethnicity which is running 23-25 June 2018.

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