Iran is runner-up in global military contests

Iran is runner-up in global military contests
ID : N-2570 Date : 2018/08/05 - 10:07

(Persia Digest) – The Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces’ Team have become runners-up after the Russian military police team at the 2018 International Army Games.

The Guardians of Order took place in four disciplines. The Russian team was tough competition in the finals which took place in the Alabino military fields and came first within a difference of a few seconds.

The members of both teams put 53 hurdles behind them over 12kms to reach the end line.

General Vladimir Ivanovsky, Head of the Armed Forces Military Police for Russia, announced at the end of these competitive games: “Iran’s team of the Guardians of Order was tough competition for the Russian team who had to do their utmost to take first place.”

The 2018 International Army Games opened on Wednesday last week in Patriot Park near Moscow. Iran’s presence here was strongly highlighted unlike previous years.

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Iran’s military forces took part in 16 contests out of 28 which included deep sea diving, T-72 tank triathlon, aviadarts, mountaineering, Suvorov attack, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN), road patrol, guardians of order, paratroopers, military medicine, military police, logistics, fighter jet maneuvering contest, a seaborne assault contest, falcon hunting, military medical relay race, and service.

The organizing committee announced that 189 teams from 32 countries participated at the games.

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