“Iran night” in Moscow

“Iran night” in Moscow
ID : N-1921 Date : 2018/06/10 - 11:09

(Persia Digest) – The “Iran night” ceremony has been held in the Ramadan marquee of Moscow’s Memorial Mosque.

A special ceremony is held at the marquee by a Muslim country every night. Iran’s program included talks on the history and culture of Iran and speeches supporting the oppressed people of Palestine.

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The “Ramadan marquee” is a charity event with rich cultural events particular to the month of Ramadan, attracting many Muslims in Russia every year. It has been held for a decade and has become the symbol of Muslim hospitality.

The marquee event is attended every year by the official representatives of all religions practiced in Russia, Russian government officials, State Duma members, and people from various nationalities and faiths.


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