Iran prisons theater festival at Azadi Square

Iran prisons theater festival at Azadi Square
ID : N-961 Date : 2018/01/02 - 16:10

(Persia Digest)- These days, Tehran Azadi (Freedom) Tower hosts the theater festival staged by inmates from prisons throughout Iran, and the 17th Prisons Theater Festival will stage street plays, scene theater, and will have sessions of reciting plays. Street theaters will be performed in the lower floor of Azadi Tower and scene theater at the tower’s main hall.

 Iran Prisons Theater Festival is held every year in various cities of Iran with performances by inmates of prisons from throughout the country and is going to be performed and directed by the needy prisoners. These events can have educational and cultural impacts on these prisoners.

In this festival which will run for three days, the artistic needy performers will perform plays individually and in grous.

On the morning of the first day, today January 2nd, the plays “eyes should be washed” (street theater), and “a mirror in front of me” (scene theater) will be performed by the needy inmates of prisons from the city of Hamadan and the province of Razavi Khorasan, respectively, at the lower floor of the Azadi Tower and also in the main hall of the tower.

“The suspended step of the mugger”, “the war goes on”, “the father gasped”, “no man’s land”, “the boys”, “red tears”, “there, under the ruins” are among the plays which will be performed this afternoon by the needy inmates of prisons from the cities of Hamadan, Tehran, the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Fars, Yazd, and the city of Ardebil. The best performers of this festival will be introduced to “Fajr International Festival”, and the “Month Festival”.

Revenues from this festival, if possible, will be used to obtain the release of the needy prisoners. These prisoners, in addition to receiving cash gifts, will also receive temporary leave from prison.

In the public call provided by the seventeenth theater prisons festival, 130 theater works have been received and from among them, 18 works have been recognized as superior to others and will be performed in three days, from January 2 through January 4 at Azadi Tower.


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