Iran ranking 16 in world science production: Minister

Iran ranking 16 in world science production: Minister
ID : N-3801 Date : 2018/12/24 - 13:26

(Persia Digest) – According to the 2017 global figures, Iran holds 16th place in science production and is the fastest growing science producer in the world, said Iran's minister of science, research and technology.

'Iran has surpassed Russia and China in science production growth,' said Mansour Gholami in the inauguration ceremony of an exhibition of laboratory equipment and research achievements in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

'Iranian universities have a great capacity on science production,' Gholami said.

He added the exhibitions shows that Iran is very advanced in some fields.

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The 19th exhibition of research and technology achievements and the sixth exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials were opened with the presence of Gholami, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami as well as knowledge-based companies' officials and domestic manufacturers.

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At the 19th research and technology exhibition, 3199 technological achievements from 199 science centers will be on display.

Source: IRNA

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