Iran reacts to killing by Canadian police

Iran reacts to killing by Canadian police
ID : N-924 Date : 2017/12/28 - 10:13

(Persia Digest) – In reaction to the killing of one of its citizens by the Canadian police, the spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said: “Sadly, we have been informed that an Iranian citizen named “Babak Saeidi” resident in Canada has been killed by the Canadian police. He suffered from an illness.”

Bahram Ghassemi added: “We are pursuing the matter with the relevant authorities and are awaiting the elucidation of the matter by the Canadian government.”

He reiterated: “Iranian citizens resident in Canada are faced with many hurdles in consular matters due to the closure of our embassy there. Over the last two years, numerous attempts have been made to improve the consular services for Iranians there; but we have not yet achieved satisfactory conditions.”


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