Iran ready for gas exports to Georgia

Iran ready for gas exports to Georgia
ID : N-983 Date : 2018/01/06 - 12:32

(Persia Digest) – Deputy to Iran’s Petroleum Minister, Hamidreza Araghi, has said: “Iran’s gas exports to Georgia are still on the agenda and if agreements are finalized, the private sector will begin exports of Iranian gas from Armenian soil to Georgia.

He added: “The geographic location of Iran allows it to export gas to many countries, including Georgia. But this has to take place through Armenia.”

He continued by saying: “Exports to Georgia require a set of pre-conditions, including Armenia’s agreement. Exports infrastructures and reasonable prices are also some of the conditions here.”

He reiterated: “If Iran, Armenia, and Georgia reach a conclusion on gas exports, the private sector will purchase gas from Iran and pay the swap expenses to Iran and Armenia in order to export the gas to Georgia.”

As reported by Persia Digest, the Iranian President had previously pointed out Iran’s abilities to transfer Iran’s gas to Europe through Georgia and the Black Sea and emphasized on both countries cooperating on ensuring energy security.

Gas exports to Europe is one of platforms that can help play a part in increasing Iran’s share of global gas export markets. Based on studies carried out by the European Parliament, Iran is one of 12 countries that can export gas to the Continent. It has the capacity to export 25-30 billion metric cubes of gas via eight routes to Europe.

Following the signature of an MoU in April this year between Iran and Georgia, gas exports to Georgia were to take place this spring; but his has been delayed. According to Behzad Babazadeh, Director of International Affairs of the National Iranian Gas Company, discussions between Georgia and Armenia are still ongoing.


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