Iran ready to cooperate with Europe on security

Iran ready to cooperate with Europe on security
ID : N-3316 Date : 2018/11/05 - 10:34

(Persia Digest) – Recent allegations made against Iran by France and Denmark are backed-up by Israeli conspiracies and uncouth scenarios. The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs has invited the Norwegian and Swedish ambassadors and the Danish chargé d’affaires in Tehran to the Foreign Ministry to elucidate Iran's position on the Ahvaz terrorist incident while rejecting the charges made by Israel. He underlined the duty of these countries to confront terrorism and the unacceptability of sheltering those who have officially accepted responsibility for the Ahvaz terrorist attack.

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Iran also said it was ready to conduct extensive, mutual investigations with the said countries to find the truth.

Identifying terrorist elements who have found a safe haven in Europe had already been discussed with the Dutch Ambassador in person, and in telephone conversations between the Iranian, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish foreign ministers over the past two days.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Denmark claimed it had foiled plans by Iran to murder a member of the opposition who lived in Denmark without presenting any evidence. The Iranian Foreign Minister refuted the claims. He said these were biased allegations and “false flags” planted by Mossad.

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