Iran responds to Canadian ratification

Iran responds to Canadian ratification
ID : N-1946 Date : 2018/06/14 - 21:31

(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Foreign Minister has responded to a move by the Canadian House of Commons against Iran, saying: “Unfortunately, there have been, and still are, false impressions and illusions about the IR of Iran in Canada.”

Javad Zarif continued: “Although there has been a change of government in this country, and the new government has a new outlook, yet political pressures continue by the hardliners in Canada.”

He added: “These policies do not benefit Canada or keep international peace and security. Western governments must adopt independent policies towards the Islamic Republic.”

Zarif pointed out: “These policies are being implemented by western governments towards Iran while their allies in our region have committed crimes against humanity towards which the West has chosen to remain silent. They prefer to accuse Iran of the crimes being committed by their allies.”

He reiterated: “Iran has always been on the forefront of the fight against terrorism. If it wasn’t for the efforts and support of our country, circumstances in the region would have been very different.”

Zarif stated: “It is unfortunate that the Canadian government is taking such a political stance.”

The spokesperson at the Iranian Foreign Ministry also condemned the bill ratified in the Canadian House of Commons limiting ties with Iran and making accusations against Iran’s military.

Bahram Ghassemi stated: “Such claims and accusations stem from a lack of adequate information by Canadian lawmakers about the clear, logical position of the IR of Iran in fighting the scourge of terrorism.”

Persia Digest reported that the Canadian House of Commons made a U-turn on Tuesday by ratifying a bill putting a halt on resuming diplomatic relations with Iran. According to this new law, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will be place on the list of terrorist groups.

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